Thursday, October 28, 2010

I need a wall dedicated to polaroid

Afternoon sunshine....a  pretty dress that was an early Christmas present from my best friend...
vintage cameras...polaroid...Annabel's curls...we had about 4 minutes of this shoot.   
And then Miss Annabel decided she'd had enough.
And ran away. 
And asked me to stop following her. 
I need new subjects. 
Any volunteers?


  1. lovely pictures! and she is beautiful!

  2. I will pop my girls on a plane to come & see you! XO

  3. Oh Annabel's dress & curls are so pretty Susannah!
    You did well to capture such beautiful shots in such a limited time!
    I would so love my photo taken by you!
    Luv kat x

  4. Wow these photos are amazing! I love the warm glow! :D

  5. i love these photos....and wish she hadn't ran away.