Friday, October 22, 2010

Under the pale grey blue sky

I don't recall blossoms lasting so long, didn't the trees all used to bloom in about 2 weeks and we'd enjoy colour after so many months of grey and then all the trees would be green and ready for summer? 

It is amazing with all this random weather we have been having - a few days of sun followed by days of cold rain and wind - the blossoms are hanging on fiercely......I see what looks like snow flakes dancing and swirling across the road, and realise they are blossom petals.....I see a tree that blossomed in August full of fresh green leaves...and then right beside it a tree with new pink, purple and white blossoms.....whatever is making these trees bloom so randomly I don't know but I am loving it as it means I am still enjoying so much spring - even with a pale blue grey sky background......


  1. Beautiful pictures. I love the blossom everywhere at this time of year. Ours has finished now & hopefully we'll be loaded up with fruit by the summer time...

  2. That sigh you just heard whisper across the Tasman was from me when I saw these beautiful blossom pictures. There's something so painterly about them, so ethereal and beautiful. Sigh (again). x

  3. beautiful blossoms...they don't last in Qld - just gets to warm to quickly!