Wednesday, October 27, 2010

my thoughts led me to the Show

Do you ever have random trains of thought?  This is how my thoughts went this morning -
it's a perfect blue sky day...another great day for the clothes line....we can have a picnic lunch again...I hope it's sunny in the weekend...oh, we have the A&P show this weekend...ohhhhhhhhhhhh, carnival rides and a vintage carousal...I wonder if it will be like the carousal at Luna Park...or the Melbourne Show...I loved the show....Oh!  I still have a folder of photos to go through from last years show....

And then instead of doing the jobs I had listed to get through this morning, I have spent the last hour editing photos!  And reminiscing about how great the show was such a brilliant blue day, so sunny that most of these ttv's have sun flare and are washed out...but that's how I remember it, blinding sun, blue sky, and the sound of laughter...and after looking at these photos, I am even more excited about the show this weekend!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. oh blogspot why do you always cut off the right edge of my photos????? You are fine in preview mode, but go awol!!!

  2. Oh I do love a show!! We have a tiny carnival that runs over the summer down near the beach and I absolutely love it! Even though it's outrageously expensive, carnie folk are not terribly friendly & there is not a lot on offer, I just love the atmosphere it creates in our town & we all make a special visit followed by fish & chips & icecream..perfect!

  3. wow so gorgeous, I hope this weekend's show is as wonderful!! x