Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Love Carterton.

I really love where we live.  When people hear we've just moved from Melbourne, the reaction is always - wow, from Melbourne to Carterton, why??  And you know, it is a huge change, from big city to small town.  But we are LOVING it.  I honestly believe we live in one of the most beautiful regions in the world.
So I am going to do a few posts to share with you why we love it so much.

#1.  The wide open sky. 
No tall buildings.  No concrete.  No bus and tram lines overhead. 
No jungle of power lines.  Just sky. 
And in the distance, rugged mountain ranges to the west, gently rolling hills to the east,
coast to the south, and country to the north. 
In between, all this sky. 
Sky sky sky. 
I do love the sky.


  1. I love the idea of sharing why you love where you live! I plan on doing something similar toward the end of the year. Sometimes we have to be cognizant of all that is beautiful around us, right in our own backyards! I hope to visit Australia one day too...it's definitely a dream of mine!

  2. I'm just about to move to Masterton - I'm really looking forward to it! The Wairarapa is such a lovley place. I am also a self taught photographer (although I'm going to be working as a journalist in Masterton) Maybe we will meet someday:)