Monday, October 18, 2010

Setting Up Home

 {If we could talk}
So it seems I have disappeared into the 'setting up home' abyss......we have unpacked (mostly), and are now enjoying setting up home....moving furniture around, wandering second hand shops and websites for the perfect items needed to fill the space and make each room more feel just is so much fun!!
{The Telephone}
This telephone, found at a local second hand shop (which I am told will work if we get a new cord) sits in the most adorable little 'telephone box' in the hallway. 
 {Butterfly Stories}
And of course with the blue table and butterflies unpacked...well.....I had to have a little play didn't I......


  1. Gorgeous pictures! Have fun setting up your new home, I love that part of moving...

  2. these are gorgeous new shots Suse, love them! so lovely you're having so much fun... can't wait to visit for a cuppa and see your beautiful new nest xo

  3. The moment to set up the new home is magical!
    Love your photography sooo much :)
    Happy Monday!