Friday, November 5, 2010

I love Carterton

and so the 'why I love where I live' list continues...

#2.  I love that most places we need to go to are within walking distance - kindy, family, friends, supermarket, train (Shannon commutes - more on that another time), post office, parks, swimming pool - you get the idea.  And if we do need to drive, then within 5 minutes of leaving home, we are surrounded by country and quaint little towns.  So every drive feels like we are taking a 'Sunday country drive'.  And I do love a country drive....all the farm animals, the sky, the clouds, the hills, the trees, the every season it is beautiful...


  1. So nice to see your part of the world as I sit here in my little part of the world. If only we could walk to see each other!! I will bring the family to NZ one day :) gorgeous pics XO

  2. Hi Susannah, I found your blog via flickr and love it! Carterton sounds so lovely. My Partner and I live in inner Melbourne and are also thinking of making the move to the open skies!

  3. Hey Susannah, thanks so much for the comments. Would love to meet up sometime it would be great to know another photographer in the area - might get me more motivated lol:) Exactly one week to go!
    Sarah xox