Monday, August 8, 2011

My studio space and a sale

I love seeing where other people work, so thought I would share a few shots of my space. 
I am so grateful that after working on the kitchen table for years I have a room all to myself.

Well, the daybed is in there too, so when we have guests to stay it is the spare room, which works nicely for us.

I am starting to plan out the 'white out'......painting the floors and walls white, so am having a clean up.  You can find photos here of how it looked months ago when we ripped up the carpet.  With spring well on its way it's time to get organised!  All items currently in stock are on sale over in my Etsy shop.  Once they have sold out the prices will be back to normal, so it's a great time to get them at a reduced price.

Can you tell I like I am a fan of blue? 
I am always changing things around, so no doubt it won't stay like this for long.

So there you have it.  My studio space.

{I have quite a few Etsy/web purchases you can see in the photos - calendar by Gretchenmist hanging on the wall on the far left, another calendar from fieryeyed above my desk, Japanese Washi tape used on the inspiration board from NZ shop Kozo.  The divine 'French Bird' and 'French Emblem' burlap cushions on the daybed are from Jolie Marche, I am planning another purchase I just can't decide which as they are all so gorgeous....!}


  1. Your space is so bright and full of pretty things. I love your inspiration board, i just might steal your idea. And i need some japanese washi tape, that stuff puts normal tape to shame.

    P.S charlie was my grandpa's, he needs a little service but i hope to have him fully functional very soon.

    Loving you blog x

  2. it's looking brilliant and full of lovely light ~ congrats on getting it set up.
    hope things are going well with you :)