Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A winter wonderland

Last week I was busy celebrating the blue sky and blossoms, knowing that spring was well on its way.  This week, we have had a 'once in a lifetime' storm, straight from Antarctica, bringing snow to most of the country - and most of those places have never seen snow like it.  Not in our backyards.

Not so much snow that we get to throw snowballs, make snowman, and marvel at the white winter wonderland all around us.  Schools closed, roads closed ~ moving from card games by the fire, to window snow watching, to playing outside in it and then back to the fire to warm up.  It has been amazing.  Cold, yes, but oh so beautiful.

I know come summer we will have days when it is so hot we won't believe that in August it snowed, that we had 6 inches of snow covering everything.  But to remind us, I have 2 containers of snow in the freezer.  I think there will be a snowball fight on a hot summers afternoon.....


  1. Hehe I remember saying 'we are officially on the other side of winter'. I guess mother nature is not done yet. Stay warm!

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