Saturday, January 8, 2011

Goodbye grey...hello wood!

Say hello to the new love of my life....wooden floorboards. 
When we moved in to our new home 3 months ago, we could not wait to rip up the grey carpet and see what was underneath.  We suspected there would be beautiful wooden floorboards, as most 1920's houses have them, but we made ourselves wait until we had insulation sorted (because as much as I'd like wooden floors, I like to be warm more!).  Just before Christmas we ripped up a corner piece of carpet in one of the bedroom carpets, and had our hopes confirmed - divine wood lived underneath the grey!  Still we made ourselves wait.....and then.....just after Christmas, on a cold and windy holiday day that had us all pottering around inside, I had a mini tantrum.  I didn't enjoy being in my own studio/office space, there was just too much grey, and it was becoming a dumping room for unpacked boxes and general stuff.  And for everyone who works on a kitchen table will agree I am sure, that to have ones very own room after years of being on the kitchen table, is a dream come true.  So not to enjoy being in there?  Well, maybe the tantrum wasn't so mini.  :)

Not usually one to give in to tantrums (he he he) half an hour later Shannon had pulled it all up, having decided we'd just do this one room for now. 

Oh my, can you imagine how much I love being in there now?  I have dreamt of white painted wooden floors since I can't remember when, but for now, I am loving the fact that there is no more grey. 

I am still playing with the set up, rearranging things, so there will be more photos to come when I stop moving everything around!


  1. I love it! I'm glad you pulled off the boring grey carpet :D

  2. oh my gosh Suse, it looks devine!! can't wait to see more photos xx

  3. gorgeous!!! what beautiful wide boards that look to be in such great condition. Enjoy painting them white & don't take too long!!! haha! can't wait to see XO

  4. Gorgeous!! Can't wait to see them white. You've got a good man on your hands there!!

  5. Thank you for all the positive comments! Yes it looks soooo much better, grey is just so depressing.
    Sarah - I will try and get them done soon and will share the photos when we do it!

  6. and LouLou - I do! I am so lucky, he is amazing. x