Friday, December 3, 2010

Photo Jewelry

I am so thrilled to be working with Lori of Heart Works by Lori, together we have created the most divine jewelry.  Lori's pieces are stunning, brass lockets, rings, which she mounts my (printed on metallic paper) photographs, and covers with a protective layer to give them an incredible shine. 

 {The Minolta Ring  - $32USD}
{The Minolta Photo Locket  - $40USD}
I received my first order a couple of weeks ago, and most sold before I even had a chance to list them.

At the moment I have only one locket in stock, You and Me, a silver Minolta pendant, and these three rings.  I am so lucky, as Lori has just sent another order my way - even though she is flat out with her own orders, she made up more lockets for me.  Thanks Lori!

{The Minolta Photo Pendant -$35 USD}
{Pale Simplicity Photo Locket  - $40USD}
I think Santa will be giving me another one for Christmas!  I love them.

{Today would be a lovely day to be a Butterfly Photo Locket  - $40USD}
{The Resting Place Photo Locket - $40USD}
If you see one here in this post you would like listed in either the Etsy (USD and international shipping) or Felt (NZD and shipping within NZ) shop, please contact me to reserve it as they will sell quickly!

{I Wish for a Blue Sky -  - $40USD}

 I am shipping orders (all gift wrapped!) as fast as I can, most within 24 hours, and for all you lovely kiwis, I will be shipping right up until the post office closes on the 23rd - with courier delivery available to guarantee a delivery on the 24th.  Happy Holiday shopping!


  1. Very cute! I see a favorite coming on!

  2. Sigh! Where do I begin - these are just beautiful objects, so so gorgeous. x

  3. Susannah the butterfly pockets are so beautiful.
    What a lovely idea to do this together with Lori!
    Wishing you a happy Christmas time sweetie
    Love Kat xx