Saturday, December 18, 2010


Lately I have been taking fewer photos of Annabel and Otis....I find that instead of wanting to be behind the camera, I want to be joining in...being in the moment instead of capturing it.  It has, I must admit, been quite lovely.  Not so lovely when trying to send photos to family in Australia, realising we don't actually have that many!  It is such a cliche, but they grow and change so quickly, and I find I just love watching them, and savouring this time. 

I love that they play together and make each other laugh without talking.....I love that even without using words Annabel will tell me what it is that Otis wants....I love that he can ask her why? why? why? over and over and she doesn't grow impatient, but answers each 'why' with an explanation....I love hearing them giggle and play when they are supposed to be going to sleep....I am really loving life and everything we are blessed with.   


  1. Sibling love is the best! They look like wonderful friends. It is nice to be in the moment x

  2. these are gorgeous ... thanks for sharing them with us. have a wonderful weekend! xx

  3. they are so gorgeous ~ i agree the bond is amazing + fascinating!
    happy 2011 xx