Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Erin Carver - Oyster Gallery exhibition

Something that I have been looking forward to for many months now is seeing the exhibition of my amazing friend Erin Carver, whom I have blogged about beforeErin has been busy for a while getting ready, and when we found out we were moving home in July, I was over the moon that we'd be here in time to see it.  I love, LOVE Eri's work.  It moves me, inspires me, and is just really lovely to look at.  Her colours and textured layers are divine, and the words she uses in her Beautiful Words series speak to me - it's as if she knows what I need to hear and she's created them just for me..."the world wants you to sing your song"...and "yes you can"...

This exhibition, running for the month of July at Oyster Gallery in Petone, (Wellington), is Eri's first, and I am just so so proud of her.  My eyes welled up when I walked up the stairs and saw all of her heart and soul on display - I understand how much of her is in her art, and all the emotion that goes with putting yourself out there.  Eri, if you are reading this, stand tall and proud my talented artist friend, savour this feeling of the first exhibition, and dream big of all that is ahead of you.....

{images from Erin Carver}


  1. awwwww Suse you make MY eyes well up!! thank you SO MUCH for all your support and for your kind kind words my friend - I'm truly blessed to have you in my life and so so thrilled that you guys are home to share all this with me. I am standing tall and proud and dreaming big - all because I have friends like you to lean on. Huge love to you gorgeous! x x x

  2. I used to live in Lowry Bay just outside of Petone. What a shame, that I live back in Germany. I would have loved to visited the gallery. Looks like a lot of new good things came to Jackson street. You'll have to try the lovely German bread at Brezelmania.
    Have a sunny day,
    all the best