Monday, August 9, 2010

A new day...

I was a bit of a whinger yesterday wasn't I?  ;)
I must admit to thinking twice before hitting the publish button, but sometimes I feel like us bloggers only share a little bit of ourselves, the happy, everything is wonderful part of life.  And yes, that is mostly what I want to have in this space - the things that make me feel good, but sometimes it's good just to let it out. 

Anyway, moving along!  Today is great.  Freezing, but good.  Today my test prints from my new lab arrived, and they are perfect!  So now I am sussing out the postal rates with NZ Post, and fingers crossed by the weekend I will be back in business!  It is such a great feeling.  This little business is more than a business, it is a part of me, and not having it as a part of my daily life...well, I haven't liked it.  Not at all.  So yah for today and a new lab!  And yah for the thought of bue skies and sunshine in a few days when this stormy freezing weather passes!


  1. yay for your test piccies!! love the photo of the blue sky...... rainy & grey here :(

  2. I think sharing a bit of yourself, the lows as well as the delightfuls, is a very special thing and I feel honoured to be allowed to see it. Your beautiful creativity lives in you, it may be a bit buried from time to time, like lets see, a MOVE TO A DIFFERENT COUNTRY, but all the stars will align themselves for it to come to the front and when it does it will all the more sweeter! Can't wait to see more. Michelle x

  3. Thanks Sar - we've been having lots of blue sky this week, and it's inspiring me to get everything sorted!

    Michelle - thank you. You have made my day. :)

  4. gorgeous my friend - and love Michelle's comment above, beautiful! loving this new polaroid, toi tois always make me think of growing up here in aotearoa. love you! xx