Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Why hello there!

Would you have a look at what I have found!  On our house hunting adventures we discovered a street lined with blossom trees...and all are starting to peak out.  What a find!  I am supposed to be getting excited at houses we see, yet I must admit, I was more excited by these gorgoeus little blossoms.  We stopped and I stood underneath looking up with the sun on my face for a good few minutes, enjoying the blossoms, blue sky, a few lazy fluffy was heaven.  Then it was back to the house hunting, me with a little spring in my step as I know that so very soon this cold winter will be over, and we will feel the sun on our faces and see blossoms in every street.   So thank you my little blossom friends, for it seems that about this time of the year you remind me that I really do need to feel the cold of winter to appreciate the delights of spring. 


  1. Beautiful pictures, I am excited that Spring is just around the corner. Happy House Hunting!

  2. Absolutely stunning photos, I can't believe the blossom is out already!

  3. Beautiful. Cool to see spring-photos, here in Sweden it's summer right now :0)
    Love your blog!

  4. Hope the move and house hunting is going well - it's a nightmare at the best of times so I wish you stacks of luck!

    Gorgeous pics as usual

    x Cath

  5. Lovely!! You are lucky to be seeing signs of Spring...still waiting here! In the meantime I will dream about that warm Spring air & blossom trees....XO