Tuesday, July 13, 2010

An odd socks kind of a time

Things are all a bit of a whirlwind here.  On the one hand I am doing all of the lasts...last wander round the city, last trip to the zoo, last play at our favourite playground, last morning at the Children's garden, last playgroup catch up with friends...all the lasts that make me feel so hollow, for I Love this city and the people who have come into our lives in the last 6 years. 

But on the other hand I am planning coffee catch ups, family dinners, nights out with the girls, play dates with cousins, meeting new little babies...all the things I have wanted to be a part of for the last 6 years but we have been away for.  These plans make me feel so relieved, so excited, so eager for the life that is waiting for us next week.  With so much going on, so many emotions, I find I am randomly finishing conversations started an hour ago, talking to myself, forgetting where I put my keys, washing my hair with face wash, taking wrong turns.....reminiscing, daydreaming.....it feels like an odd socks kind of a time.   And as mad and draining as it is, I am savouring it all, for soon we will be settling into our new life, and I need this time to say good bye to Melbourne, and the last 6 years.


  1. Leaving is always mixed with sour and sweet feelings! I've done that 3 times in the last 8 years, leaving countries, and it was all that you've described (except I didn't wash my hair with face wash...). All I can say is that relationships that matter stick no matter what's the distance!
    Where are you moving to...?

  2. hey just came across your blog on the madeit blog, funny we have been here 7 years from the mount {tauranga} and reading your blog made me feel like i'm missing out on all those things i wish for, having dates with my neices, my son growing up with his cuzzy's and having grandparents, everytime someone moves back to nz i feel like maybe i should be too.........enjoy all your last's but remember melb's is only a plane trip away and will be a great place to visit lisa

  3. Tali We are moving from Australia to New Zealand. I am from NZ, but have lived in the States, London, Europe, and here. This move is so right for us, but Melbourne has to be the hardest city I've had to leave, I love it here. If only my family and best friends would move over here too, we'd never leave!

    Lisa I know what you mean - but Melb gets into your blood and it is such a hard place to leave, which is why it's taken us so long. Love you madeit shop!

  4. Hi Susannah
    cute pic, sums up how you all feel just now! A foot in both worlds.
    Not long to go now till your new beginning begins!
    Good luck and good wishes, exciting times await
    kat xx