Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sarah's Full Page Feature

I love sharing in a friends excitement, and can't imagine what could be as exciting as a newspaper feature....so when I heard that my lovely friend Sarah, who is a talented photographer, crafter, and author of the blog Faith, Hope and a whole lotta Love was featured in the Herald Sun on Saturday, of course I had to race to have a look.  And it was a FULL PAGE spread!!!  Go Sarah, I share your excitement, and say yah for you!  Very well deserved, and might I add this is not the first time Sarah has been featured, but the second, as the first was a little while ago for her amazing dolls house

I am sure this won't be the last feature in print for my wonderfully talented friend!


  1. you have made me smile! I truly appreciate your excitement & joy in this journey.....thank you for being my friend XO
    heres to getting lost in our daydreams!

  2. I'll drink a wine to that! Thank goodness with the web we can keep in touch! xo

  3. and meet up at a Jinky Art retreat!