Friday, June 11, 2010

I believe in daydreams

Today we are...all still in our pj's....making up photo blocks for tomorrow's market....focusing on all of the positives for our move....trying not to let the doubt creep in...listening to great kiwi music...(Goldenhorse, Jess Chambers, Dave Dobbyn, Wellington Ukulele Orchestra, Woolshed Sessions)...daydreaming about the possibilities that lie ahead.....I believe in you?


  1. Such a lovely picture. We are also having a pj day!

  2. Yes I'm a believer in daydreams...the best creations can come from them.
    I wish you luck and happiness and a smooth move to NEw Zealand Susannah.
    How exciting to return home and nearer family.
    My brother visited NZ last year both the south and north parts. He loved it. Seems as far away as Venus to me ;)
    love kat xx

  3. Hey there Susannah.

    I lived 13 years in NZ & loved (almost) every minute of it.

    One of the things that I dearly miss is the NZ music industry. There are such fresh original sounds to be had & the level of creativity that comes from such a small population is just mind blowing!

    NZ'ers really support their arts so I am totally positive that you & your work will be welcomed with open arms & embraced for all its beauty.

    All the best with the move (I soooo hope you have professional packers!). It is not so scary once it's all said & done (says she who brought a 40ft container & a car from Auckland to Brisbane 6 years ago).

    I am almost jealous of you & I wish you all the best for your big adventure.