Sunday, May 9, 2010

Once upon a daydream....

{once upon a daydream...i dreamt of Venice...}
Once upon a daydream.....a long long time ago....I travelled in Italy, and I left a piece of my heart there...and I always knew that one day I would go back to live for a while with my future husband and children....and no I am not about to tell you we are headed to Italy...but I have been thinking a lot about this dream and how much I would love to take a suitcase full of polaroid film and spend a year under the magical Italian sun with my beautiful family.....

{once upon a daydream...i dreamt of Florence...}
In the meantime while on our trip home to New Zealand last month I located my undeveloped films from my Europe travelling days.....they were deep in the bottom of a box at the back of the garage and yesterday I picked up from the lab the first set of prints.....I have 21 more rolls to develop...yes that's right, 21.  From Italy, France, the Greek Islands, Portugal, Germany, the Canary Islands, and probably some other places I can't remember.  I was too poor when I got back to London, then home to New Zealand, to develop them, and life moved on....

Every once in a while I will develop a roll of film ~ I plan on savouring the anticipation of what each film will reveal ~ and I will add a few "once upon a daydream" photos to this space from lands far far away for a trip down daydream lane......will you join me?


  1. Hey Susannah, what a funny story! I used to travel also with about 21 film rolls but when I came back I had to develop them straight away. I have about 21 Fotoalbums full of lovely Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Samoa, Tasmania, Cook Island, Hawaii, Thailand, Bali, Java....
    Time to get them out too. Looking forward to your photos,
    all the best from Germany,

  2. I'll join you! Our trip to Italy seems like a lifetime ago now. So many lovely memories.

  3. Oh, yes.I can't wait to come back through your images to Greece and to indulge myself the trip to Italy I've never done.

  4. oh my god. i cant believe your patience. i couldnt help myself but to just get them all done at once. cant wait to see more. oh, and i had the exact same feeling about venice.most magical place ever.we will live there when you do - just to make it more fun !!

  5. What a find Susannah!! How could you keep them a hidden treasure for so long?! Love them!! I too have a dream to go back to Malta & live as a family in the Mediterranean - slower pace of life & all that it brings :)