Friday, May 21, 2010

A little bit of loopiness....

The trees have been speaking to me again.  I know, I told you way back in the Spring, loopy.  It's just that we've been having the most amazing autumn weather ~ brilliant blue skies, warm mid day sun, and the trees....oh my goodness the trees!  Such colour, such fire - calling out to me - "look, look at us up here! Admire our leaves, the orange, the red, the yellow against the blue sky backdrop!  Quick, do it now, drive down the back streets, take a long walk around the neighbourhood, take a polaroid,
for soon we will be gone and the trees will be bare...."

And with the bare trees comes the cold. 

But we won't focus on that,
we'll put that thought away for another day,
and we'll walk around the block again soaking up the sun,
the blue sky, and the fire in the trees...

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