Friday, May 7, 2010

I dream of sunshine

{I dream of sunshine}

It's grey and cold today, but I don't mind as it's Friday.  I have a quiet house, a perfect time to look through unscanned polaroids...I love discovering polaroids I had filed away for a grey day.  I layered these 2 with textures for a different look to the other butterflies in the series.  I quite like them.  What do you think?

It's still quiet....I think I might even sneak in a cup of tea and a piece of gingerbread before they wake.......

Happy Friday!


  1. Good morning Susannah,
    I love you sister picture. That would be a lovely birthday present for my sister. Next time, when I am in Australia I will have to buy some things in your shop and take back to good old Germany,
    all the best from rainy Germany,

  2. Stunning! Enjoy your cuppa! I am having one now too!

  3. Danangib and Kristy - thank you!
    Melinda - hope you enjoyed yours - wouldn't you know as soon as I put the kettle on they both woke!
    Silke - thank you! I do have online shops if you are interested, see the links to the side of the blog. I hope the sun comes out soon for you!

  4. i love them! beautiful... :)