Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Meet Sonny....

Hello my blogging friends, did you think I would be able to last long without a Polaroid?  ;) 
Since the 680 died, I have had ideas for new photos, new little sayings I wanted to incorporate...it's often the way hey, inspiration strikes but no tools to work with!  I feel like me and polaroid go hand in hand now, so I confess the hunt for a new one only lasted a few days.

I introduce you to Sonny, the latest addition to my 'Camera Family'.  I have been eagerly awaiting his arrival, checking the courier tracking website twice a day for a week, and today when he arrived, well, I just couldn't wait to play.  After a few tests, he was producing dreamy shots - the soft and lovely focus, the pale tones I am so loving at this stage in my work...  

Polaroid.....could you be the love of my life?


  1. Nice to meet you Sonny! So pleased for you Suse and I'm LOVING these new polaroids - they are gorgeous and make me excited about my impending 'auntiehood'!! Perfect gifts to welcome wee ones into the world - these would look beautiful on some of your lovely note cards too. x

  2. I discovered your blog via Daydream Lilly I think, it's a beautiful space. And yes, there's nothing quite like the beauty of polaroid :-)

  3. Glad you received the new toy!

    Waiting for more fabulous work from you, Susan.

  4. This might seem like a nieve question, but I thought they didn't make polaroid film any more? Where do you get the film for it?

    love your shots... came here via fat mum slim.

  5. Thanks Eri, Carol and Anh!

    Deb - yes you can still get film, although it is getter harder to find. A few of the camera shops in Melb still stock it, it is all expired though so can give odd results. The factory shut down over a year ago, and a team has taken over to try and produce it again. You can get limited film/polaroid products from www.the-impossible-project.com.

    I hope they make more, I will cry when the supplies dry up. My husband will probably be glad to have our fridge back (you have to store it in the fridge, and I currently occupy the top shelf!!). :)

  6. Hi, I've been looking on ebay, if I search for an SX 70 are they all the same? They all look different - what should I be looking for?

  7. Hi Lynne, I'm not really an expert on the different models of polaroid, if you got to wikipedia.com you will be able to read about the differences between each model. I would make sure it has manual focus, and I would also only buy a camera that had been film tested and the seller says is working. My first sx-70 from ebay only lasted a couple of film packs before it died. It's a bit of a gamble, but I also think that is part of the fun of the vintageness of it all! If you purchase a polaroid camera from polapremium (go to www.the-impossible-project.com - and then click the shop link) all of the cameras are reconditioned old models but come with a 1 year warranty.

    Good luck, I hope you find one!