Monday, March 1, 2010

Goodbye summer.....and goodbye polaroid

To bid farewell to Summer we took a huge bunch of helium balloons down to the beach...
they looked spectacular, and I had planned on a photo shoot, yet all did not go to plan. 
 It was cold and windy, Annabel is going through a phase of refusing to look into the camera,
and my beloved polaroid camera died. 
That's right, no more polaroid.
I am devastated. DEVASTATED.   
So not only did we bid farewell to Summer, but also to my dreamy polaroid. 
Lucky for Autumn the sun is shining today.  Sigh.

{I cannot, simply cannot be without a polaroid camera.  I feel lost.  And so the hunt begins for another...}


  1. a polaroid down?? awww that is soo sad! at least there is poladroid right?? =/ i love the colors in these photos, the balloons are a nice touch!

  2. Oh nooooo babe, I'm so sorry for you! I hope it doesn't take you too long to find another. These pics are gorgeous, I love the balloons (what a cool way to farewell summer!) and it's so nice to see your smiling face! E x

  3. These are so beautiful...
    I hope you find your polaroid soon.
    Such a lovely way to say goodbye to summer.

  4. Susannah, I just saw that one of
    your beloved polaroids made it
    into the Best Polaroid Photo contest.
    Yay! My heart goes out to you 'bout
    your camera though. I can relate.
    Makes you sick, but I KNOW you'll
    find another. Good luck!

  5. Hey Susannah

    Congratulations you won one of the pendants from my blog giveaway!!! visit my blog to get in contact with me.


  6. Hello.

    I am so glad to say goodbye to Summer.

    I just voted for your polaroid, and am going to blog about it. I hope you win. xx

  7. oh no, I'm sorry to hear about your camera :( I hope you find a new one soon!
    Btw, I noticed your polaroid photo in the Blur magazine contest (via Daydream Lily), which is just gorgeous! I voted for you, of course ;)


  8. Ohh, I love reading your comments! Thanks. :)
    And Sonny arrived, my new SX70 - it's love!!