Thursday, March 18, 2010

Katherine Quinn

I was lucky enough to win a pendant from the lovely Katherine Quinn, the very talented NZ artist behind the blog Just a Girl, and the Etsy shop Sleep and her Sisters
It arrived, and is adorable ~ I love the quirkiness of her new style of the eyes. 

Katherine's art really speaks to me, - this girl in particular makes me smile,
"Take time to catch your breath and choose your moment",
with her story being "Every girl needs a swimming cap and a pair of wings to make her way in life… That is what this series of works is about, the ups and downs of life and how we stumble through. Sometimes we feel like we are sinking and things are out of control and then there are some days when things are ok, treading the water of life and am pretty much on top of things. Then there are the moments where you feel you are being lifted right out of the water when everything in life slots together and my world is just... right."

Gorgeous isn't it. 

{edit - by the way voting  for the Best Polaroid ends tomorrow March 20, it's getting so close, I'd love your vote....}

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