Monday, June 25, 2012

she believed she could fly

{she believed she could fly}

There has been a lot of talk in this house about believing in your dreams.
Annabel says if you believe you can do it, you can...
you just have to picture it in your head 
and it will happen.
This photo, the latest addition to The Butterfly Series,
is for her.  
My little believer.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The butterflies - in white

{she daydreams in pink - white version}

{best friends}

{she wishes on the wings}

I thought, honestly thought, that The Butterfly series was complete.  
But something was bothering me, I wanted white backgrounds to suit painted walls - 
the blues and greens of the backgrounds didn't quite suit 
some of the blue tones we have used in the house, 
particularly my daughters room.  
So on the to do list (you know the one...the never-ending to do list...) 
was to create some white based butterfly photos.  
Can you imagine how pleased I was when I received an email today from a customer 
asking if I had any of the series with white backgrounds?  
Finally, the push to bump it to the top of the list.  
And that is what I did this afternoon.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The pale blues

If you follow me over on facebook
you will have seen I posted this group of photos as photo blocks a couple of weeks ago.  
It is my new favourite set, titled 'the pale blues', 
with a coastal theme and two Queen Anne's Lace from the country just to spice it up.  
I have been re-arranging my studio room, and was contemplating painting the walls pale blue or grey.  
But really, this is the one room I want to keep all white - 
slowly blue tones have been creeping into evey room we alter.  
So instead, I am going to order 'the pale blues' in 8x8",
and hang them on one wall, to add my touch of pale blue to this space. 

And while I have been sitting here, with the rainy grey sky as my view, I have started to daydream of Spring.
It's not long to go....really.....

Sunday, June 3, 2012

and then...

and then...
just like that....
I fall in love with the beach and polaroid all over again....