Saturday, September 26, 2009

Oh the passion

So today is Grand Final Day. We are not footy fans, but we do all love Grand Final Day.
There is something about the game, the way all of Melbourne gets so involved - a real sense of community, spirit and passion envelopes the city.

The game is on, Otis has his little signed Cats footy, hat and scarf out (given to him by his Grandfather, a proud Cats supporter), Annabel is dancing to the pre match entertainment, we will have homemade pizza for dinner, and I will watch while pottering away at a bit of work.

Speaking of passion - are any of you David Gray fans?
This man can do no wrong.
This album was worth the wait.
There is no other music that evokes such emotion in me.

David Gray has been with me since I first heard him in London over 10 years ago ~ through the good, the bad, the every day. White Ladder will always be my favourite album, I don't think anything can top Babylon, but this new album is amazing. It's been made all the more special as it was pre-ordered by Shannon from the record company in the UK as a birthday surprise. It turned up yesterday, with a bonus live disc, and a signed photograph. Yes, a signed photo! As geeky as it may be, this photo is going to be hung on my inspiration wire.

Happy Grand Final Day to you all, and hears to hoping DG makes his way back to Melbourne for a concert tour sometime soon.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

i dream of flying....

I am 32 - a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, and a photographer....
with people who believe in me.
But most of all, I believe in myself.
I feel like my dream is taking off,
and with the support of my family,
the encouragement of my friends,
I can fly.
It is an amazing, wonderful feeling.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Bliss...

Brilliant blue sky + spring sunshine + a day at the fair
+ 2 packs of polaroid film = BLISS

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Is it Tuesday already? Again?

My, how the weeks are flying by! I can't believe it is Tuesday again. So much going on, so many "to do" lists floating around the place, half finished, not started....I decided if I want to actually achieve anything, I needed a funky 'To Do" list. Enter this - the (too pink for my liking) Dymo Embosser Caption Maker. Designed for crafters, and making me funky new labels. I have been on the hunt for a vintage Dymo labeller that produces tape much like this does for some new projects. For now, this one will do.
Loving it.
It reminds me of my Granny's kitchen, where all her groovy tins are labelled. I have a feeling Shannon is going to come home to a re-organised kitchen - no container, box, jar is safe!
But first I will sit in the afternoon sun and write out my list....

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I am REALLY hearting Tuesday today..

...for 3 reasons
~ we all slept a little late, so Shannon made me a coffee before he left for work. There is nothing like having a flat white made for you for breakfast on a Tuesday

~ I tried on the cutest shoes for spring/summer, and decided I have to earn them. So I'm going to clear out my closet and list items I no longer wear on eBay - I have a stack of work/pre-kids clothes I can't imagine ever wearing (or fitting!) again. If I sell enough, I will buy the shoes (and I will have a de-cluttered closet!) :)

~ after checking the front door (many times a day) for special deliveries from the post man for the last 10 days, my copy of Style Statement finally arrived. I first saw this book reviewed in an "Oh Baby" magazine that Mum sent over from New Zealand last year, and since then it has popped up on numerous websites/blogs I read. I decided it was time to ditch the frumpy Mum routine, and sort out exactly who I am. Have any of you worked your way through? I'd love to hear about your journey in discovering your style...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I heart Tuesdays

The first day of Spring! And on a Tuesday! Even though it's still a bit chilly outside, the grass smells a little sweeter, the flowers look a little brighter, and I feel like dancing. I love spring! Not that I wish time away, but all winter I look forward to this day. And it's here! Ahhhhh, soon there will be bbq dinners, breakfast outside every day, summer skirts and pretty summer sandals, swimming at the beach, melting ice cream.......everything feels so much sweeter today.