Sunday, March 28, 2010

The country

I'm busy working on a few new projects, which I will be sharing with you all in the next few weeks.  
Both my Etsy and Madeit shops will be shut until Easter, while I immerse myself in all that is going on around me ~ family, friends, Christenings, hens night and wedding of one of my closest friends, more family, more friends, and more Polaroid opportunities than I have film for.
I will pop in to this space to share little snippets with you.  

Does anyone else the the country as much as I do.....
the wide open skies...
the blues and greens....
the wild flowers and long grass......
the fresh air.......

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

3 words...

I heart Melbourne

Friday, March 19, 2010

Savouring the light

Have you been noticing a change in the light in the past week or so.....
it's funny how as the seasons change, so does the light. 
It brings such a sense of nostalgia with it,
and I am finding every morning as the sun rises later,
and every evening as it sets earlier that I am savouring it...
for soon our days will be so short, and so cold.....
and we all know how I feel about short cold days.....

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Katherine Quinn

I was lucky enough to win a pendant from the lovely Katherine Quinn, the very talented NZ artist behind the blog Just a Girl, and the Etsy shop Sleep and her Sisters
It arrived, and is adorable ~ I love the quirkiness of her new style of the eyes. 

Katherine's art really speaks to me, - this girl in particular makes me smile,
"Take time to catch your breath and choose your moment",
with her story being "Every girl needs a swimming cap and a pair of wings to make her way in life… That is what this series of works is about, the ups and downs of life and how we stumble through. Sometimes we feel like we are sinking and things are out of control and then there are some days when things are ok, treading the water of life and am pretty much on top of things. Then there are the moments where you feel you are being lifted right out of the water when everything in life slots together and my world is just... right."

Gorgeous isn't it. 

{edit - by the way voting  for the Best Polaroid ends tomorrow March 20, it's getting so close, I'd love your vote....}

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Meet Sonny....

Hello my blogging friends, did you think I would be able to last long without a Polaroid?  ;) 
Since the 680 died, I have had ideas for new photos, new little sayings I wanted to's often the way hey, inspiration strikes but no tools to work with!  I feel like me and polaroid go hand in hand now, so I confess the hunt for a new one only lasted a few days.

I introduce you to Sonny, the latest addition to my 'Camera Family'.  I have been eagerly awaiting his arrival, checking the courier tracking website twice a day for a week, and today when he arrived, well, I just couldn't wait to play.  After a few tests, he was producing dreamy shots - the soft and lovely focus, the pale tones I am so loving at this stage in my work...  

Polaroid.....could you be the love of my life?

Friday, March 5, 2010

A little bit of excitement, and a tiny bit of squealing...

{She Wore Butterflies in Her Hair}
I have posted this photo here before (without the Polaroid border), and am so happy to see it made the finals of the Blur Magazine/The Impossible Project "Best Polaroid" competition!  There are 30 amazingly beautiful polaroids in the finals (which have been selected by a panel of judges), and now it is up to the public to vote for their favourites.  The 30 finalists are going to be in an exhibition in Zagreb (oh how I would love to go and see it!) and will be published in a special edition of Blur Magazine dedicated to Polaroid.

I have to tell you all that last night when I went to have a look to see if the finalists were on the web site,
I had no idea mine would be there. 
And when I saw it, well, lets just say there was a tiny bit of squealing to be heard. 
Just a tiny bit.  :)

Of course I would LOVE your vote, but I urge you to vote for your's easy peasy, no logging in required, just click on the number of stars you think it deserves under the photo. 
 Happy Friday!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Goodbye summer.....and goodbye polaroid

To bid farewell to Summer we took a huge bunch of helium balloons down to the beach...
they looked spectacular, and I had planned on a photo shoot, yet all did not go to plan. 
 It was cold and windy, Annabel is going through a phase of refusing to look into the camera,
and my beloved polaroid camera died. 
That's right, no more polaroid.
I am devastated. DEVASTATED.   
So not only did we bid farewell to Summer, but also to my dreamy polaroid. 
Lucky for Autumn the sun is shining today.  Sigh.

{I cannot, simply cannot be without a polaroid camera.  I feel lost.  And so the hunt begins for another...}