Sunday, June 16, 2013


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I am a little late with this post,
a 5 week flu and then stomach bugs 
have slowed us all down over the past few months.
I wanted to capture autumn in this space though,
as we really did have the most amazing season.
So hot, with a dash of snow.

Bright blue skies,
such lovely lingering summer sun,
vibrant orange, red, yellow trees.
There were days we enjoyed ice blocks on the back deck after school
with the kids asking if we could go swimming at the outdoor pool.
Scooter rides, bike rides, our trip to the coast.
All of summer lingering, lingering.
Then we had a cold snap, 
with snow of the hills all around us.  
The first fire of the season lit in the woodburner,
to remind us that summer cannot last forever.

The strongest leaves are still clinging to the trees,
So there is a hint of autumn lining the streets,
as Winter slowly eases in.
Thank you Autumn, for such amazing beauty.


  1. Lovely collage. Beautiful shots. So evocative of crisp, autumn days. Easily my favourite season.