Friday, May 17, 2013

Mother's Day

On Mother's Day, my gorgeous little family
surprised me with a picnic adventure to the coast.
Oh how they knew this would make me so happy!

The weather was spectacular.
No wind, when normally the wind comes straight up from Antarctica.
Not even a breeze, much to our little guys dismay,
who had packed his kite.

The sun was shining, 
the sky was a brilliant blue.
No clouds.
The ocean perfect shades of pale and turquoise blue.
We climbed to the lighthouse.
We saw penguins, 
and seals.  
The kids ate ice cream in the hot sun,
and we commented on how this has been the longest, hottest Summer,
stretching out through Autumn and so close to Winter.

We played in the sand,
and watched the waves.
We saw the snow capped mountains of the South Island.
I took photos, and savoured every minute of it.

There is something so simply magnificent about the beach,
and this part of New Zealand.
We are so blessed to live in this beautiful world.

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