Thursday, March 21, 2013

The hot air balloons!

After much anticipation, Today arrived.
The first day of the hot air balloon festival.
My favourite day of the year - 
the mass ascension one block from our house.
The stars aligned, and it was nothing short of magical.
Perfect still blue skies, not a cloud to be seen.
The sun rose as the balloons did....
they seemed to linger above us for the longest time,
before gently floating over the town.

It was out of this world.  
I am still grinning.
I cannot wait to spend time editing the photos I took, 
but of course I had to play with some taken on my phone!

The weather looks set to shine beautifully over the next 3 days,
so we will be soaking up as much of the balloons as we can.
It really was, a brilliant day for a balloon ride.


  1. I've watched these gorgeous photos bloom on instagram and I'm thrilled to see them in a much larger format on the computer, they are beautiful! Every year in March in Canberra there is a balloon festival and I used to get up especially early to be right amongst the 20 or 30 hot air balloons rising from the dewey ground all around me and it was the most breathtakingly beautiful sight to see all these balloons rise into the blue blue autumn sky. I haven't thought about those mornings in ages, thanks for the reminder! x

    1. It really is the most breathtaking experience isn't it, one you cannot describe until you have made that early morning to see them. We have one more morning of them tomorrow, this has been the most amazing weekend - perfect weather, blue skies, and excited kids and adults!
      I would love to see the Canberra festival one year. Will add it to my list of things to do!