Monday, January 21, 2013

New work - 'Celebrating the blues'

I've been completely inspired this summer, 
by road trips, the beach, hot summer skies....
capturing these things with my iPhone,
and sharing them over on instagram.
I am seriously in LOVE with camera on the iPhone,
having it with me to capture these things,
it's just well, magic.

And so I re-created 6 of my favourite
instagram photos from this summer...
they are grainy and hazy, 
like the bright blue sky in the heat of the day.
The words are all how I felt on the day each photo was taken.
I have added them to Society6 as iPhone cases, prints, canvases, 
totes and cushions.  oh my!
I will also be adding them to Etsy later this week.

I think the cushions just might find their way
to the couch on our remind us all 
just how amazing summer is.

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