Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pale Blue Daydreams

I know it isn't quite September yet, but since it is finished, 
and it really feels like Spring is in the air,
I wanted to share it.

So here you are, my 2013 calendar.
Each of the 13 pages (a cover and one for each month) is a 5x7" photo like last year, 
but this year I decided to add a small white border around the photos.
I have a few new packaging treats, 
so each will arrive wrapped like a delightful present.

This year I want to pass on the support,
so $5 from each 2013 calendar sold
will be donated to the Grace Yeats Trust
You can read more about Grace's story here.
I have shared the page over on my own FB page,
hoping that her story will touch hearts and people will "like" the page
and show Grace and her family some love from around the world.


I really do love making the calendars.  
They are my way of creating something for my customers,
to whom I am so grateful,
to enjoy throughout the year.
 And these Pale Blue Daydreams,
they are my favourite.


  1. I have noticed that I am unable to access the Grace Yeats Trust page on Facebook - it always redirects to my FB home page, and if I visit a specific post that has been linked from Google, it tells me it's not found. Are you able to access it yourself? I can't think why I'm not, unless it's restricted to NZ only for some reason (I'm in the UK and read about Grace's story in coverage of another girl with a locked-in-like condition, named Eve Anderson).

  2. Hi Matthew,
    Yes I can access the page, if you search 'Grace Yeats Trust' at the top main search field when logged in to your FB account, can you see the page? It is a public page so you should be able to view it.

    I have just goggeld Eve, that is really sad. But amazing that she can now use a paintbrush! I hope she is receiving wonderful support from her community. Children shouldn't be going through all of this. It isn't fair.