Friday, August 3, 2012

Artful Blogging

The Autumn issue of Artful Blogging is out now,
and oh my, it is full of beautiful photos and amazing articles.
To say I am thrilled to have been asked to participate is an understatement.
Here's how it happened....

A few months ago, the lovely editor, Jennifer Jackson Taylor, emailed me 
and asked if I would be interested in being included.
'Wow, yes, of course' I said!
And I was asked to write an article.
um, me, write?  
My first instinct was to say thank you, but no.
Too afraid to write, to be rejected.
But, I realised there comes a point where you have to push your own boundaries.
To try something, and if you fail, well it isn't a failure, but a lesson learnt.
And if you succeed, then that is exhilarating.
So I sat down the next afternoon and wrote.
Basically I wrote about not being a writer, but having a blog, 
and being ok with who you are in this blogging world.
It is titled 'The Daydreaming Girl'
I skim read it back to myself, and emailed it off.  
And was so surprised when I received such a positive, warm response from Jennifer.
And so, here we are, the issue is out now,
that is my blossom photo on the cover,
and my article (8 pages!!!!) is nestled in amongst all the other gorgeous, breathtakingly beautiful articles.

This has been a definite highlight of my journey so far.  


  1. Nice one Susannah! Your photos look beautiful on glossy magazine pages and I bet your writing is beautiful too. :) Sarah

  2. Thanks Sarah, it is a thrill to see something I wrote in a magazine! x

  3. I love this magazine Susannah and I'm so delighted to see you in it!!! So much deserved and big congratulations sweetie,will try and get a copy to see the feature,
    love kat xxx

  4. Wow Susannah!!! I am SO excited & proud of you! What a wonderful highlight. I would love to grab a copy to see your published piece in person. {I'll look into working on that.} Congratulations my talented, beautiful friend xxxxx

  5. I saw this today and I just LOVED your photos. I am a huge sucker for hot air balloons so you grabbed my attention quickly. hehe. Now I am here to peruse your blog and be inspired. :) Thank you for saying yes and letting all of us see. You are amazing.
    Thanks a million, Jaclyn

  6. Sarah - thank you my wonderful friend. Your encouragement always makes me smile!

    Jaclyn, hi! Thank you! Your words really mean a lot to me.
    ~Susannah x

  7. fantastic! congrats on having it flow so well then seeing it in print. would love to read it xx