Friday, July 27, 2012

So much to love

There is so much in this world to love...
and the first Spring blossoms are high on that list.
I love that for a few weeks mid Winter I get to watch out for them...
the anticipation of knowing that soon...
soon we will see the pink against the blue sky.
And then my heart skips a beat when one morning, magically they have appeared.
Bringing with them is the gorgeousness of the blossom,
and the anticipation that soon, oh so soon,
Spring will be here, and Winter will, once again, be gone.

It seems I have passed on this love to my little loves,
who now excitedly tell me when they have spotted new blossoming trees.
Last week, Annabel suggested we stop to take photos of them.
And that, makes me so very happy.

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