Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sometimes I post things over on Facebook, and forget to add them here.  
I like adding little moments of celebration here to the blog, 
it helps me to remember the steps along my journey.  
This month, in the latest issue of Your Home and Garden (June NZ),
Susie Ripley the owner and director of Eden Ripley, Image Boutique 
(the wonderful company I licence a selection of work to ~ 
if you see my work as framed prints, photo blocks or jewellery in shops here in NZ, 
it is there under the Eden Ripley brand), had her house featured.  
That's Susie on the cover!  Her house is just gorgeous.
On one of the walls you could see my 'You and Me' print at the end of the hallway, 
and a portion of my 'She Dreamt she could Fly' photo above the desk.

And how amazing to have the 'You and Me' photo in the middle of the Make it Work page as well!!  
I was really excited, as you can probably imagine. 


  1. well done susannah, you photography deserves to feature in magazines, your work is of such high standard and so unique. my favourite cafe here in napier, the kitchen table, has a lot of your work for sale, so everytime i go there i stop by your photos to admire them. xx

  2. Thank you Florence, such kind words!
    I do love the Kitchen Table, especially the chandelier that hangs over the table. Shayne and Cath are such lovely people, next time you are in there, tell them I say hi. :) xx