Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Oh how she danced

 Oh how we are loving these gorgeous autumn days, 
that start out so crisp and icy, 
with the sky clear and the palest of blues,
and by mid morning the sun is so warm,
and the sky free of clouds....

on these days, it feels like anything is possible.....

And she danced in the sun, with her barefeet in the grass...

and she ran, and she believed she could fly......


  1. i'm with you susannah, i love autumn! and i really liked these photos (of your daughter?). i think the second one in particular has got a lot of potential, for your business (?), it goes so well with your other butterflies. x

  2. Thanks Florence, yes I have added that to my website. I do love the sun in her wings! I love autumn too, but wish spring followed it instead of winter....

  3. I really love the second magic