Wednesday, February 15, 2012

This little guy

I have had so many blog posts planned...
so many photo shoots planned...
so many before and afters to share of little corners of our home....
so many new projects to start {and finish}, but this little guy....
this little guy really doesn't want me to do any of that.  
He wants me to play trains, to play cars, to go for a walk, 
to watch his tricks on the trampoline, 
to be in my photo if I manage to get so far as to have the camera in my hands.  
And really, could you say no to a little guy like this? 
I can't.  
So I play, and we walk, and I watch, 
and I savour it all because soon he will be at kindy 
and I will have time to do my work, 
and no doubt miss this adorable little guy.


  1. Wonderfully written about real life. Treasure the moments.

    1. Thank you! Yes I find I am really savouring them, etching them into my memory. Not just of me and this little guy and our daily moments, but of walking to school and holding my daughters hand - that won't last forever so every day that she reaches for it, and gives me a kiss goodbye, I etch those moments in too. x

  2. really know this feeling too ~ giving in to them is so worth it!! he's very gorgeous.

  3. He is adorable, enjoy him & all those precious moments!

  4. Love this photo Susannah, your little boy is so cute! xo