Friday, February 24, 2012

Addicted to blue

I am finally going to admit it.  I am addicted to the colour blue.  
Over the years, as my work has evolved, 
I have realised that my favourite photos are those with a blue background - the sky, or the blue table.  
I have known since an early age that I feel most alive when the sky is blue, 
when I am at the beach with the blue ocean, 
or in a vivid aqua blue swimming pool.  
There is something uplifting, and calming, and exhilarating {to me}, about those things. 

{The Secret Garden - taken on the blue table in my studio}
When we first moved into our house, I envisaged white everywhere, 
but after painting my studio white (photos to come when I have a good tidy up!), 
I realised that it doesn't actually inspire me.  
So this summer, when choosing colours for the kitchen, kids room, and our room, 
we chose shades of blue.  
And wow, we love those rooms now!  

Our bedroom - we ripped up the grey carpet to discover these gorgeous floors, 
and painted the skirting boards white.  
What a difference it has made! 
Art work still needs to be hung.  
Our house seems to always be a work in progress!

 This is the kids bright blue feature wall.  
Photos of Annabel with apples in her lap and the black and white photo of Otis 
with the cart are by the AMAZING Barb: JinkyArt.  
Print in centre by the talented Kat Hannah.  
Hot air balloon on left from an old children's book.  
Other framed photos and photo blocks by moi.

And this little guy, who once again wanted to be part of the action!  
Taken in our bedroom, also shown in top photo, painted an antique shade of blue.

We are now a bit stuck, as we want to paint the dining and living rooms, 
don't want the whole house to be shades of blue, 
but  don't know what other colours to introduce.  
Hmmm, any suggestions?


  1. Susannah,
    Such a beautiful blog and I'm truly honored to be here. Thank you so much ~Kat
    ps: your "little guy" is gorgeous - what a face!!

  2. Oh yes, I am a blue girl too. It is such a calming color. Maybe you want to mix it with soft sand tones or perhaps a smooth gray? I am a huge fan of Farrow & Ball paints, they come in the most incredible deep tones.

    xx Iris

  3. Susannah, this is such a gorgeous post. Blue is my favourite colour too. Your children are both adorable, I love this shot of your son (and his curls). Re: paints, I like the idea of grey tones, or mocha or a very subtle dusty pink. Happy weekend to you.