Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I Love Carterton - The Simple Things

A year ago (really, a year???)  I started to post about why I love where we live so much.  I have a whole list of reasons in my head, but I only got to #2 here on the blog.  I am not the world's best blogger am I? 

Here in this blog, this is where I like to share little tidbits about my days, but this space is also my reminder of steps in my journey.  And in amidst the busy-ness that is life at this time of the year, I am all about enjoying the simple things.

So #3 on the list of 'why I love where we live' is The Vegie Garden.  Back in our rentals in Melbourne we would daydream endlessly about what our backyard would be like when we moved and had our own home.  All daydreams involved a vegie garden.  I want to learn how to garden ~ how to not only grow pretty flowers that I can bring in and put in old milk bottle vases on the windowsills, but together with the kids how to grow our own vegies.  And finally, this past week, we have our vegie garden.  Nothing extravagent, just a few lettuces, tomatoes, peas, strawberries and marigolds to start with.  I am in love with this garden.  It represents so much to me, for our family.  Every time I look at it out the kitchen window, I smile.

What simple things are you enjoying right now, as life gets busier?


  1. I totally get that feeling Susannah, not that I have a vegie garden but just my garden in general - it really makes me smile. Just seeing the birds that come in to feed on the natives I've planted, to see the blue tongue lizards sunning themselves and my little cat exploring and enjoying all the nooks >(*!*)< Enjoy the harvest from your vegie patch.

  2. Gaby gardens are really amazing hey. I can't wait another few weeks to plant some spring seedlings and then wait for them to grow! Tongue lizards sound like a joy to watch!