Monday, November 14, 2011

Collaboration with Eden Ripley - new photo jewellery

 {You and Me}

 {Believe in the Magic}

 {Pale Simplicity}

{The Resting Place}

 {she floats in a cotton candy daydream}


For the past few years I have licensed photos to a wonderful New Zealand company, Eden Ripley, run by Susie Ripley.  If you see any of my work on photo blocks, or as fine art prints and note cards in shops here in New Zealand, they are there thanks to Susie.  And now I am so pleased with this range, a line of jewellery that is so divine I want to keep it all.  Using my photos, Susie has created earrings and necklaces that are stunning.  When I first saw them, it brought tears to my eyes. Tears! I am still in disbelief that I am at a point where photos I have created are being sold throughout stores as beautiful jewellery I daydreaming?

{she dreamt she could fly}

The range is available now in my Etsy store, on the Eden Ripley wesbite, and in a range of stores throughout New Zealand.  I hope you enjoy the pieces as much as I am!


  1. These are absolutely stunning Susannah.
    No wonder you had a few tears, such an achievement :)
    I love butterfies but I'm loving the others just as much.
    I like the wording, it's perfect for many types of gifts.
    Full of magicalness and hopefulness.
    Love kat xx

  2. The jewellery is really beautiful Susannah. So much jewellery that I see around is silver, which I don't wear, so this appeals to me for that reason but also because of your lovely photos ... have to add them to my wish list.