Friday, September 16, 2011

A Trip down Melbourne Memory Lane

Do you ever feel like your heart belongs in two places?  
That you have two homes?  
That you belong here....but you also belong there?   
Today, my heart is here in our home in Carterton.  
Yet my heart is also wandering the city streets of Melbourne.....


  1. I always love going back to Melbourne, I think a little piece of me belongs there too..

  2. I love you photos. I know exactly how you feel. I grew up in the blue mountains and now live by the beach. My heart is often divided. x

  3. So pleased that there are others out there who have divided hearts.

  4. ohh come back for a visit & we can wander the Melb streets together! Part of my heart is in a place far away from a little place where I was born. I went back there several years ago & dream of taking my family to experience the culture & life of somewhere special. XO