Thursday, September 22, 2011

The tea cups

On Sunday I spent a few hours with one of my oldest and dearest friends, 
photographing her most divine vintage tea cup collection
I had 2 packs of Polaroid film waiting patiently in the fridge for our afternoon, 
and I cannot tell you how much these photos mean to me...for 2 reasons.  

Because I know how much the tea cups mean to my lovely friend, 
and well, because after being so uninspired for what feels like months and months, and doubting myself, 
these little tea cups set up on her adorable kitchen table, have given me that feeling again.  

You know, the one where all you can think about is the photos, 
when you just want to hold them in your hands and look at them again and again.  
When your heart feels alive and you feel the passion for it again.

Thank you, my wonderful friend,
for letting me come and take these photos, 
and for bringing the inspiration back. 


  1. These are beautiful photos, I have a collection of tea cups too and often find myself just looking at them. I know that feeling when inspiration hits and I'm glad you've got it!

  2. I too am often inspired by a lovely teacup. These photos are just gorgeous! Looking forward to many more of your beautiful images x