Sunday, May 15, 2011

Just popping in... say hello! 
I thought I'd share a snap taken on Mothers Day last weekend, 
of me and Annabel.  
Otis was too busy being an aeroplane to stop for a photo.  
And as you can see Annabel is a dress lover.  
The frillier and prettier the better for her.  
It doesn't matter if the dress is a size 2 
and doesn't do up at the back, she will make it work.  
I really am embracing this, even if it means washing 
her favourite pink dress every night 
so she can wear it to kindy the next day...
and get it covered in paint and dirt again!

Happy Sunday!


  1. A gorgeous picture! I always loved a dress when I was little..I still do! Enjoy your weekend..

  2. Such a lovley photo. Unfortunately me eldest has grown out of that stage of wanting to wear dresses all the time. The younger is still loving them. Make the most of it while you can, she looks so pretty.

  3. oh it's so wonderful to see your gorgeous face...please post more photos of you!! and Miss Annabell is looking even more adorable than I remember. xox

  4. Beautiful mumma and daughter shot x