Monday, September 6, 2010

Home Beautiful

Just before we moved from Melbourne, I had an email from Home Beautiful magazine, about including my photos 'The Vintage Cameras' in a photo shoot for an upcoming magazine.  I was, as you can imagine, bursting with excitement. And then nearly bursting with impatience, to see if they would make the final edition. 

Over the weekend, the wonderful Melinda from Here we go Loopy Lou sent me a note and a photo of the page to end the suspense - thank you Melinda!  I was hoping for a tiny square somewhere on a shopping page, not for them to be up on the wall like this on a full page photo!  WOW.   I am over the moon.  OVER. THE. MOON.

So my Vintage Cameras get 15 minutes of fame - in the October 2010 issue of Home Beautiful, out now in Australia, and out at the end of September in New Zealand. 

And Sarah - thank you, for posting me a copy of the mag.  I do love how wonderful friends and the online community all looks out for one another.  xx


  1. that IS exciting! I must grab the mag, your photography is just lovely...

  2. found your blog via Sarah's but had just read that issue of Home Beautiful this weekend, love the photos, congrats!

  3. Congrats Susannah on the page in home Beautiful they look fantastic
    Narelle x

  4. I was so excited for you when I saw the photos. What a great feature, but very much deserved x

  5. Just brilliant - congratulations. I bet it was well worth the wait, but boy do you deserve it.

  6. A very well deserved congratulations, your photography is incredible!

  7. Well done you! Your photos are looking just gorgeous - I think there's a bit of a change since you headed home?

  8. Susannah the photos look fabulous in the arrangement they did!
    Congratulations honey!
    Like the new typewriter series too.
    Love kat x

  9. Congratulations Susannah - such fantastic news!!