Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Letting go.....

So many emotions this week - being a full time Mama I have been looking forward to the start of Kinder for a long time....with no family in our city, I am in need of a break....as much as I love being home with my gorgeous little ones full time, it can be, as many of you will know, challenging, tiring, and hard work. 

And then the day came, and wow, this is the start of it, the independence from me.  I've been with her nearly every day for the past 3 and a half years - I know what activities she has done, what has challenged her, her moods, what funny and quirky things she has said.  And when she is sleeping peacefully I tell Shannon all about our day - the joy, the trials.  Was I ready for this moment, when we set off down the drive, to leave her in the care of the lovely Kinder teachers, to not know what she will be doing, how she is feeling?  I was.  I am.  She is so determined, so confident, so eager for the next stage, I know she will love it. 

Yet I still wanted to do as many special things as I could to celebrate this time, for both of our memories.  It feels like a huge letting go stage.
So she wore a flower in her hair, and her favourite ballerina skirt, I wrote in her special book, and took some polaroids.  What a big week for us.  


  1. gorgeous images but i particuarly love the close up of the back of your daughters head. Wonderful.

  2. Oh it is such a big step when they start kinder & are no longer with you all day long. What beautiful memories you have captured to look back on X

  3. oohh..I know that feeling, both of having no family close by and saying goodbye to the little ones for kindergartne :( Mine are in 1st grade now and I still miss them when they are in school. They grow way too quickly. xx

  4. I SO understand! Hard to let them go sometimes, even though you know they will be in great care! Enjoy your time to yourself....Us mummas have the best and hardest jobs in the world!

  5. Thank you for the love here people, I felt so silly writing about my little girl being on her own for 5 hours a week - good to hear there are other mama's who feel the same!

  6. I am with you in the "no family ne'er a break" department. We moved to Darwin about a year ago. I made one friend. Who has four kids and a husband who works away from home for 12 days on 9 days off. So I wasn't about to call in a babysitting favour.

    Anyway, I know that's not what this post is about, but that resonated with me. Mr Moi has been away, I've had a sick little one and just exhausted by the full-on-ness of being on call to a clingy 18 months old 24/7.