Monday, February 15, 2010

Introducing new stackable blocks and magnets

So I used to think the photo blocks were cute...but now I think they are sleek.  And these new adorable little stackable blocks and fridge magnets are oh-so-cute! 
I am delighted to be introducing them in sets and singles in both the Etsy and madeit shops over the few days.  Although really I would like to keep them all, and a few have found our way to the fridge and to various shelves around the house. 

Even Annabel exclaimed "ohhh, those are cute" when she saw them! 


  1. Cool pieces Susannah and I love the photo quality of the pieces.

  2. oh what a clever and cute idea! love them! i can see a bunch of these put together in like a 5 by 5 square inside of a frame and hung on the wall!

  3. these are a gorgeous wonderful idea ... i love them!

  4. Hi Susannah
    Your work is inspirational...well done. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your pics taken through the antique cameras. Your pics bring back child hood memories for me...I still love looking back through my parents "old" pics.
    I'm a seller on Madeit as well.

  5. these really are gorgeous! do you mind if i ask where you got them printed? or did you do them? i've got some wedding photos of some good friends and i'd like to make them some for their 1st anniversary...
    i've just found your site today, now following, you have beautiful photos :)