Wednesday, October 24, 2012


So today I spent a bit of time blog reading, and ended up at this article 
{found via Kelly Rae Roberts}
I read it twice.
Then sat and thought about it some more.
It is pretty powerful, thinking about the future years and their memories of me.
And realised that yes I do this.
Make excuses not to be in the photo.
Or because I am generally the one taking the photos, 
I am not in them.
And decided, that today, with both kids at home,
we would snap a 'selfie' on the Fuji Instax
{which doesn't scan so well, but you get the idea - 
smooshed faces all together}

So this is 'us'.  
My kids and their Mama, as we were today.

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  1. Yes, I think most of us do this. I also think we need to stop. Our children don't care if our hair is perfect. They care about the good memories we're making.