Monday, April 23, 2012

lose yourself in a daydream

At my last market, a customer asked why I didn't have the photo available from my business card, 
which features my 'together we will touch the sky' photo and reads 'lose yourself in a daydream'.  
I don't know, why don't I?  
I have been using that phrase since the very early days of Etsy, way back in 2008, 
when I knew my work was based on the whimsical notion of daydreams.  
Because I am a daydreamer at heart.
I have used it on business cards, and other promotional web and print material, but never on a photo available to purchase as a print or photo block.  
As soon as my lovely customer asked me, it seemed the most obvious thing I could have done.  

So here you have it, a re-worked hot air balloon photo, one of my favourite and yours, 
with my most favourite and hopeful of thoughts.....
that my work might just inspire you to ~


  1. Just gorgeous! It's perfect as a print and photo block. It's funny how it often takes someone new to point out something right in front of us. I love it.

  2. Thank you! Yes, it has been in front of me all this time. Where would we be without the interaction with others hey?