Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Balloon Polaroids

I have been slowly using up my stash of expired polaroid film.  
I have been loving the quirks (the film expired years ago), 
and so last week when I walked around to our local park at dawn,
 and was greeted with a field full of inflating hot air balloons, 
I just could not resist taking polaroids.  
Yes, I knew there was not enough daylight, and the sky was so grey.  
But still, when something as magical as the balloons are filling up the early morning sky, 
they deserve to have the polaroid used.  
Don't you think?


  1. I'm SO glad you decided to go with the polaroid, these are stunning! The first one is my fave I think, but I might change my mind in a moment, they are all lovely! :)

  2. absolutely.... these are stunning! x

  3. Hi Susannah....I didn't know you had a blog! These are so beautiful...Jannelle (Heart Felt). xx

  4. Thanks Pam and Erin.
    Hi Jannelle - yes I blog! See you soon hey. x