Monday, January 9, 2012

New Series - The Little Birds

I am really loving these new little birds.  
And how great does it feel to be inspired and creative again!  
I have been lacking a bit lately in inspiration, 
so these new little props are a welcome addition to my world.

And of course, because I am still so iPhone mad (and still so iPhone envious!), 
I had to make these, available as covers & skins on Society6

Wishing you all a creative, fresh start to your January!


  1. so gorgeous Suse! I absolutely LOVE 'theirs was a love story'! xxx

  2. Super cute! You could make a story book of this!

  3. Thanks Tiffany.

    Eri I like that one too,thank! x

    Louise, oh that would be fun to do! I have been thinking about a little book of some kind....will have to see where these little birds lead me!

  4. I think my fave is 'theirs was a love story'. As soon as I get an iPhone that cover's mine!