Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A catch up post - Photographers Gallery Hawkes Bay

I have been meaning to post these photos since March/April...seems time gets away too quickly these days.  I had a little exhibition of the 'Nostalgia' series in the Photographers Gallery Hawkes Bay a couple of months ago, which is the most divine gallery space with a very cool cafe - The Kitchen Table.  The space is in the art deco Red Cross building on Tennyson Street in Napier, and is, well, just so cool!!  Mum and I drove up to Napier on a day adventure to check it out, and I must admit I felt very shy about seeing my work on the walls.

While we were living in Melbourne I started to daydream about having an exhibition somewhere one day in the distant future, but I hadn't thought seriously about it (as I had no idea how it would come about).  So when I was contacted by the newly opened gallery to hang some work, my first reaction was to say no, I'm not ready, I'm not worthy....but I pushed the fear aside and did it.

I snapped a few photos on my little point and shoot, but felt very odd about it as there were people at the cafe tables and in the gallery (I had permission from the wonderful owner Shayne, but I felt too shy!).   

If you are in Napier I recommend you visit, they have great coffee, really good food, and the walls are full of wonderful artists.  Thank you to Shayne and Cath for the opportunity, it is great to be part of your gallery!


  1. You Susannah, so deserve to have your work on display for the world to see.....what a great space. It looks really cool & funky! Go for it & make all your hard work shine XO

  2. Susannah, I was having Blogger 'commenting' dramas when you wrote this post - I meant to come back and say big congratulations on your exhibition. What an achievement and such a groovy space. You are one of the many fPoE I admire and much of your work on my print 'wishlist' for the day I eventually have a disposable income again :)